Its been a while since I blogged on my web site.  Just like the changing world and technology there is much to say.  First I want to thank all my past customers and clients for allowing me to serve you over these past 40 years.   Forty years as a straight commission salesman is an accomplishment.   I know that I'm in my prime as the knowledge and experience and motivaton far exceed the majority of the agents currently in the business.  My dedication to my new clients takes on a different level of devotion as the pressures of raising a family has passed. 

Today, the Denver market is adjusting from a strong Sellers Market to a more balanced market.   A few days ago our MLS recorded 500 new listings in just one day.   This means that the sense of urgency to buy for most properties is gone.  Buyers feel more in control and confident.  They are more apt to make lower offers.  Most Realtors have struggled over the past few years in this Seller's Market to accurately determine the real value and an accurate listing price.  Therefore since last June we have seen a multitude of price reductions.  Weather and a new market psychology created a softness in the market not seen for over 5 years.  Today we are adjusting our actions to succeed in the new market environment. 

Its time to adjust to the real market realities that we are experiencing.  Interest rates took a quick dive but quickly came up again but are still wonderful.  Most experts believe that now may be the best time to sell or buy for the near future.

Call me as I stand ready to help you and yours!  Real Estate is one of the key areas of achieving wealth in today's world.

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Arnie and the Arnie Stein Team